Ghana’s security capos tour Sandema FOB

High-ranking security officers in the country have visited the newly constructed Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Sandema, in the Builsa North Municipality, in the Upper East Region.

The visit on Thursday, May 9, 2024 by the security officials forms part of measures by the nation to prepare itself against terrorist attacks hovering along the northern borders of Ghana.

The officials included Mr. Edward Asomani, the National Security Coordinator, Lieutenant General Oppong Peprah, the Chief of Defence Staff and Mr. Nana Attobrah Quaicoe, Director General of the National Intelligence Bureau, among other senior officers of the Ghana Armed Forces.



The newly established FOB holds critical importance in Ghana’s security strategy. Authorities say that the necessity for the establishment of a military base in Sandema stems from the complex security landscape prevailing along Ghana’s northern borders.

Neighbouring Burkina Faso’s struggle with terrorism underscores the urgency for Ghana to bolster its defenses and augment its capability for swift response.

The Sandema FOB will serve as a secured forward operational-level military position and will play a pivotal role in facilitating coordinated military actions along the border region.

The base will serve as a hub for operational activities aimed at maintaining peace and security, from border patrols to counter-terrorism operations.

Beyond the terrorism threats, the Upper East Region itself contends with enduring chieftaincy conflicts that frequently escalate into communal clashes.

In light of this, the establishment of the new FOB in the region emerges as a deterrent against potential unrest, acting as a stabilizing force to curb the escalation of local conflicts.


The FOB offers a comprehensive array of amenities. It is designed to accommodate over 200 military officers along with several civilian employees.

Notable features include an administration block to streamline command and control operations, a recreational centre to provide essential downtime for troops, and officer accommodations to ensure comfort and proximity to operational duties.

Additionally, the facility is equipped with a fleet of vehicles, including TCVs, water bowsers, ambulances, Command Rovers, armoured Toyota Land Cruisers, and motorcycles.

Moreover, a GMC Sierra Mobile Workshop is available to support maintenance operations, ensuring operational efficiency and readiness at all times.


During the visit, the National Security Coordinator, Mr. Asomani, acknowledged the troops’ dedication to national security and pledged steadfast support to the Ghana Armed Forces.

He assured that every effort would be made to improve the comfort and functionality of the FOB for the troops.

In response, the Chief of Defence Staff expressed gratitude to the National Security Coordinator for the substantial contributions from the Ministry of National Security.

He reaffirmed the commitment of Ghana’s armed forces to safeguarding the state.


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