NABCo trainee protests over unpaid allowances

The demand for arrears from the defunct National Builders Corps (NABCo) continues unabated, as a single Trainee in the Ashanti region, Ms. Enam Sogbey, protests against government’s inability to pay their eight months’ salary arrears, having worked for the state.

Her protest is also a call on the government to provide permanent jobs for the teeming Ghanaian youth.

Wearing red and black attire over white athletic shoes, the disappointed NABCo trainee, who started her single protest from Anloga junction, walked through the principal streets of Kumasi before ending her protest at the Ashanti Regional Co-ordinating Council (RCC), where she handed over her petition to the regional minister, Mr. Simon Osei-Mensah.

Enam Sogbey, protesting along the Kumasi-Accra Highway

Aided by a mega phone, Sogbey held a placard with inscriptions like; “Pay us now! B4 we die”and “We need permanent jobs!” among others. She was seen sitting on the floor lamenting about the hardship NABCo trainees are going through.

Addressing the media at the entrance of the Ashanti regional Co-ordinating Council, Enam Sogbey stated that she embarked on the demonstration because NABCo trainees are suffering.

Sogbey appealed to authorities to step in before the untoward happens.

“Look, I have walked all the way from Anloga junction to this place. Ghanaian leaders should give us a hearing. Why should we work without paying us what is due us? Why should this happen?  Do you want me to commit suicide? Some of my colleagues have resorted to suicide owing to these financial challenges”

According to her, she worked for NABCo but her eight months stipend was never paid, a  challenge she disclosed is not only associated with her alone, but her entire colleagues who were recruited into NABCo.

“The money has not been paid and we are suffering, in the sense that we are unable to afford basic essentials such as food, water and rent among others.

Enam Sogbey also mentioned that in this era in Ghana, women who are seeking for job are being asked for sex before the job can be guaranteed.

The lone protester asked: “What shows that if I yield to such demands, I am going to be respected in such working environment? Please when we come to you for jobs, do not ask for sexual favours”.


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