Military horses run loose again in central London

Military horses have broken free and run loose through central London for the second time since April.

Three horses from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment “became loose from their riders” while six were exercising on Monday morning, according to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

All horses were recovered “swiftly and safely” and returned to Hyde Park Barracks by the Army and Metropolitan Police by 09:55 BST, with one receiving minor injuries. No soldiers were injured.

Four other military horses were spooked by noise from a building site in Belgravia on 24 April and fled through the city, with some hitting vehicles including a double-decker bus.

The latest incident happened when the lead horse, which was being led rather than ridden, became loose after being spooked by a London bus.

Two riders were then unseated from their horses, who also became loose.

Part of the incident was captured on dashcam footage by a black cab driver.

The animals bolted from Seville Street to South Eaton Place, where one horse was recovered. Two horses continued to Vauxhall Bridge via Belgrave Road before being stopped.

None of the three horses were involved in the previous bolting incident from 24 April, the MoD added.



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