Meghan and Prince Harry looked nervous, says New York taxi driver

A New York City cab driver who drove the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for about 10 minutes on Tuesday night as they tried to shake off photographers has said the couple were clearly nervous during the short journey.

Sukhcharn Singh, who goes by the name Sonny, told the BBC he picked them up at a local police precinct in Midtown Manhattan.

Harry and Meghan’s spokesperson has said in a statement that the couple endured a “relentless pursuit” that lasted for more than two hours.

But Mr Singh, who witnessed one part of the drama, did not characterise his drive as a dangerous chase by paparazzi.

Dressed in a navy blue shirt and speaking to reporters outside his family’s home in Queens, Mr Singh described the headline-making drive.

“I was on 67th Street and then the security guard hailed me. Next thing you know, Prince Harry and his wife were hopping into my cab,” he said.

“We got blocked by a garbage truck, and all of a sudden paparazzi came and started taking pictures.” Harry and Meghan were about to share their destination when the security guard made the call to return to the police precinct.

“They looked nervous, I think they were being chased the whole day or something,” Mr Singh said. “They were pretty nervous, but the security guard, he was on it.”



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