MDA commends 1983 Middle School Year Group for contributing meaningfully to development

The Mepe Development Association (MDA), under the auspices of the Traditional Council, has lauded the development activities of the 1983 Middle School Year Group Association in the area, and urged other groups to emulate them to help promote rapid development.

The MDA said the growing unity among the members of the Association over the past 40 years continued to be their strength, saying peace and unity were pre-requisites for development, and they had a positive impact on the development of the area.

The Chairman of the MDA, Mr. Kojo Mawulenu Fabian, gave the commendation at the 40th Anniversary celebration of the 1983 Middle School Year Group Association at Mepe in the North Tongu District, and urged them to remain focused to enable the Association achieve its objectives.

Mr. Fabian said the MDA and the Traditional Council recognised the crucial role the Association played in the development of the area, particularly the Financial Secretary, Mr. Olympics Bright Adevu, and the Organiser, Mr. Moses Toklo, for the distinguished roles they played towards the growth of the Association and development of the area.

He continued that they pulled a surprise when the leaders informed the MDA and the Traditional Council that the Association had decided to sponsor the 2023 Afenorto Festival Inter-Schools Sports Gala, and presented trophies to the winners and the schools that participated in the celebration.

The Chairman of the 1983 Middle School Year Group Association, Mr. Gideon Agbemafle, said the significance of the Association was that there was national food shortage from the last quarter of 1982 to 1983 at the time the members of the Association completed Middle School.

Mr. Agbemafle explained that the situation made the Association to draw its strength from supporting one another and after the period, the same spirit of self-help and determination to succeed guided the activities of the members, which was extended to the traditional area, to help promote the needed development.

According to him, the Association faced challenges in its formative stage, but with hard work, it grew from strength to strength, and stressed that the Association continued to lead by example for the youth to emulate it to demonstrate high levels of patriotism to the traditional area.

Mr. Agbemafle said the Association had demonstrated commitment to support educational activities in the area, by assisting schools with sporting materials like jerseys, as a way of skills promotion, to ensure that pupils and students with special skills and interest in sports particularly could develop alongside their academic work.

He said it was the belief of the Association that not all children would be academically good, therefore, there was the need to encourage such children to develop their talents to enable them pursue their various areas of interest.


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