Kyeremanteng declares intention to contest Odoben NPP primary

The Group President for the C4CGroup of Companies, Dr Michael Kyeremanteng has officially declared his intention to contest the upcoming parliamentary primaries of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as an aspirant.

Dr Kyeremanteng has successfully launched his bid to aspire to lead the ruling NPP in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa constituency, in the Central Region, as the party’s parliamentary candidate in the 2024 elections.

At the official declaration of his intention to contest in the upcoming primaries,                                                      Dr. Kyeremanteng vowed that he would be the NPP’s Moses who would lead the party to the promise land in the constituency.

Dr. Kyeremanteng stated that though the constituency used to be a stronghold of the NPP, the lack of absolute unity among party members has caused the NPP the parliamentary seat to the NDC.

Voting pattern in the AOB Constituency-Parliamentary

The NDC won the parliamentary seat in 1996 with a percentage of 58.2% while the NPP came second after securing 40.9% but the table turned in 2000, when the NPP won by 51.7% and the NDC placed second with 43.5%

In the 2004 general elections, the NPP maintained the seat with 64.0% of the valid votes cast while the NDC had 34.5% but the NDC’s votes appreciated in the 2008 elections though the NPP still won.

The percentage margins between the NPP and the NDC in the 2008 general elections stood at 59.5% and 47.9% respectively, but the story changed during the next elections.

The NDC came into the picture strongly in the 2012 elections when it secured 49.8% to win against the NPP’s 48.6%

However, the NPP snatched the seat in 2016 by 54.9% as against the NDC’s 43.8% but the NDC made amends in the 2020 elections and won after securing 52.54% while the NPP obtained 47.46%.

Concerns of NPP members

Following the above statistics and the voting patterns in the constituency as far as the parliamentary elections are concerned, the grass root member of the NPP are rooting for Dr Kyeremanteng to lead the party.

To some, Dr Kyeremanteng is well known in the entire constituency following his philanthropist works in many communities, saying it would be an added advantage to the party if he is considered.

According to some of the members, it was high time the party settled on a true unifier who could win the seat with a landslide victory in 2024 and also maintain it just like former MP, Paul Collins Appiah Ofori did.

It is in the wake of this that some of the party members have called on Dr Kyeremateng, who is seen as a true grass root man, to contest in the party’s forth coming parliamentary primaries.

Addressing some of the delegates during the launch, Dr Kyeremanteng indicated that his decision to contest was in direct response to calls from the delegates.

He, therefore, promised that “Like Moses, I will lead the party to the promise land by winning the seat from the NDC”.

As a philanthropist, Dr. Kyeremateng also has an extensive knowledge in homeopathic treatment, expertise in corporate management environment and rich experience in the area of management.

He has considerable knowledge in ICT structuring with an enviable reputation in corporate business management and advisory built on a considerable volume of transactions spanning over 15 years.

Dr Kyeremanteng has been a member of the ruling party since 2006 and played various roles in the enviable political journey of P.C Appiah Ofori in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa constituency.


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