Kyebihene endorses NPA’s CRM  

The Chief of Kyebi, Osaberima Kwabena Manfo 1, has endorsed the implementation of the Cylinder Recirculation Model (CRM) policy by the government through the National Petroleum Authority, (NPA).

He is particularly thrilled by the ability of the policy to ensure safety in the use of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG). He, therefore, called for an intensive public sensitisation on the CRM to facilitate its general acceptability.

The Kyebihene made the call during a visit by some officers of the NPA, ahead of a public sensitisation programme in the area.

According to him, the policy is good in emphasising that the issue of safety, which is not just about avoiding fires, but understanding the dangers of laxity, should not be taken for granted.

“People may not care about the health implications involved, but they care about their livelihoods.

“We need to take the message to the villages, make them understand that this policy is not just about stopping the use of firewood and charcoal practices, but about saving lives in a long term,” he said.

The Kyebihene drew parallels with the galamsey (illegal mining) issue, noting that people often prioritise short-term gains over long-term health and safety.

“We need to open people’s eyes to the dangers of unsafe and unhealthy practices. If we don’t, they will revert to old habits when the sensitisation stops.”

Osaberima commended the NPA for their efforts, but stressed that more needs to be done to ensure the message resonates with the public.

“Gas is essential, but we need to handle it safely. Let’s take the message to the grassroots, make it clear that this policy is not just a directive, but a lifeline.”

The courtesy call paved the way for the team to begin an intensive public education campaign at the Kyebi Taxi Station and Market Square, which is part of a larger campaign that began in Nkawkaw, Suhum and surrounding areas.

The campaign aims to educate consumers on the CRM policy and its benefits, engaging communities, drivers and market women in the process ahead of the 2024 Consumer Week Celebration on Thursday 4th July, 2024 at the Koforidua Centre for National Culture.

A member of the NPA team and Head, Gas Commercial Regulation, Mr. Obed Boachie

assured the Kyebihene of NPA’s commitment to  the sustainability of the policy in addressing concerns and finding solutions to economic challenges in the purchase of LPG.

According to him, NPA is engaging with the government towards reducing taxes on LPG.

“NPA is in continuous engagement with the Ministry of Finance to consider the removal of certain taxes to reduce the price of LPG and make it affordable.”

Interacting  earlier with the market women at the Nsawam Lorry Station, Mrs Eunice Budu Nyarko, Head of Consumer Service said medical examinations had confirmed that continuous inhaling of smoke from charcoal and firewood affects the eyes and the lungs, hence encouraged the market women to switch fully to LPG, in order to protect themselves from the harmful effects of smoke from charcoal and firewood, adding that the NPA, and by extension the government, had introduced the CRM to increase access to LPG and ensure safety in the distribution chain.


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