CSNF hosts Gala Night to climax Cancer Survivors Awareness Month

The Cancer Support Network Foundation (CSNF) hosted a spectacular gala night over the weekend to mark the end of Cancer Survivors Month.

The event, which took place in Accra, was under the theme: “Rising strong beyond cancer, a celebration of survivorship and hope for all,” aimed to spotlight the importance of cancer survivorship in Ghana.

Madam Juliet Appiah Quansah, the founder and Board Chair of CSNF, who addressed the gathering virtually, expressed her gratitude to everyone who has supported the foundation.

“This is our maiden program and I am so grateful for everyone who has made it to tonight’s gala to help us celebrate our survivors, raise survivorship awareness and raise funds to support those still fighting cancer,” she said.

A section of guests and cancer survivors at the gala

Madam Quansah, who is also a Medical Oncologist and Hematologist, thanked her board and executive members as well as the foundation’s donors and supporters.

She highlighted the critical role of these stakeholders in enabling the foundation to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and organize awareness programs in Ghana and the United States.

Special appreciation was given to the distinguished guests, including the chairperson, keynote speaker, guest of honor, and other dignitaries. However, the real VIPs of the night were the cancer survivors themselves.

Madam Quansah acknowledged their strength and resilience, stating that “Your presence here tonight is a true testament to your strength and resilience. Cancer is not a death sentence; it is just one word in your sentence, one part of your life.”

Reflecting on the foundation’s achievements since its inception in 2018, Madam Quansah noted that CSNF has supported many cancer patients struggling to afford care in Ghana.

The foundation has organised numerous screening and awareness programs across various regions, including Greater Accra, Central, Bono and Western Regions.

“I am especially proud of the work our medical team led by Mr. Eric Odei Brobbey and Mr. Blaise Ackom have done over the years,” she said, praising their dedication to executing successful programs.

She also commended the media team, which includes Mr. Richard Mumuni, Mr. Derrick Kuedoto and Ms. Raissa Sambou, for their efforts in educating the public about cancer care.Despite these accomplishments, Quansah emphasised that there is still much work to be done.

“We are nowhere near where we ought to be. We can do better! We must do better, and push to make sure no life is lost to cancer due to a lack of financial support or ignorance of the disease,” she urged.

Mr. Akwasi Osei, President of CSNF, delivered a heartfelt speech that set the tone for the evening. “Good evening, and welcome to the Annual Cancer Survivors Gala. It is an honor to stand before you tonight as the president of the Cancer Support Network Foundation. I am deeply moved by the sight of so many courageous individuals and supportive allies gathered in this room,” he began, expressing his gratitude to everyone in attendance, especially acknowledging Madam Edith, the chairperson for the evening.

Mr. Osei’s speech highlighted the multifaceted strength present in the room. He honored cancer survivors, describing them as “the embodiment of hope” and commending their stories of courage and determination.

“You have faced immense challenges with grace and fortitude, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, there is light,” he said, emphasizing that their journeys serve as beacons of hope for others battling cancer.

To the caregivers and families, Mr. Osei extended deep appreciation, recognizing their pivotal role in the healing process.

“Your selflessness, strength, and dedication are invaluable. You remind us that no one fights alone,” he remarked, underscoring the vital support system they provide to cancer patients.

As the gala progressed, attendees embraced the spirit of the night, celebrating victories, both big and small, and reinforcing their collective resolve to support each other with compassion and hope.

The Annual Cancer Survivors Gala proved to be an inspiring and uplifting event, leaving attendees with a renewed sense of hope and determination in the fight against cancer.


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