Kuami Eugene vows never to work with Guru

Kuami Eugene has vowed never to work with Rapper Guru as the latter disrespected him and his entire family, a behavior he can’t tolerate at all.

Guru in 2021 launched an attack on Kuami Eugene on social media and released ‘Who Born Dog?’ all to express disgust about the latter’s decision to not collaborate with him on a song.

Guru also in a series of tweets accused Kuami Eugene of being ungrateful and reminded him of how Karma will affect him if he left Lynx in the future.

At the time, Eugene explained why a collaboration had not been realized, saying: “Guru did not use the right channel. You want to feature me but you go to media houses to insult the man who made me.

“I wouldn’t have been Kuami Eugene but for Richie; so I expect that respect is accorded him no matter the differences that exist. I am under Lynx Entertainment and any song I produce needs to go through them.”

In an interview on the Delay Show, Eugene; “He is quick-tempered,” said Kuami Eugene. “It was a problem I wished they could have just solved it as elders in the industry.”

“I didn’t have a problem with Guru but now, I have a problem with him because he has offended my family. He spent time in the studio to insult me and a man who claimed to be my father. Guru is a grown-up so I didn’t expect him to behave in that manner,” Eugene said.

The rift between Guru and Riche began when Guru requested a feature with either KiDi or Kuami Eugene, but the request was denied.


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