Kingsley Agyemang promotes education in Abuakwa South

The Eastern Regional Director of Education Mrs. Margaret Nsiah Asamoah

Mr. Kingsley Agyemang, the dynamic registrar of the Scholarship Secretariat addressing the gathering during the launch

In the quest to improve and enhance teaching and learning in Abuakwa South Municipality of the Eastern Region, Mr. Kingsley Agyemang, Registrar of the Scholarship Secretariat, has launched various educational activities.

The Scholarship Secretariat Registrar first launched what was dubbed ‘Kingsley Spelling Challenge’ in September 2021 for 27 primary schools in the area.

Barely a year after the launch and successful maiden ‘Kingsley Spelling Challenge’ which is aimed at supporting learning with special attention to reading and writing, Mr. Agyemang has added two more activities.

The two additions are ‘Kingsley Maths and Science Quiz’ and ‘Time with Kingsley for Junior High Schools (JHS) and Senior High Schools (SHS) respectively.

Speaking at the launch at the Kyebi Presbyterian College of Education auditorium, Mr. Kingsley Agyemang said he was overwhelmed with the outcome of the Kingsley Spelling Challenge, a situation that motivated him to develop other concepts to cover students at the JHS and SHS levels.

A section of school children paying rapt attention at the programme

According to him, research showed that at the age of 12, children were expected to be familiar with 50,000 receptive vocabularies (words they can understand). “With this in mind, it is well worth making an effort to build the vocabulary of our children and spelling is just one of the ways we can do that.

“This is what the Kingsley Spelling Challenge stands for – to build the vocabulary of school children in the Municipality.”

Mr. Agyemang stated that it was imperative to contribute to the human resource development and growth of the Municipality, a reason he decided to enhance and improve the quality of education in the area.

He averred that 76 public and private Junior High Schools (JHS) would be competing in the Kingsley Maths and Science Quiz, while 92 schools would partake in the second edition of the Kingsley Spelling Challenge for the primary schools.

Mr. Kingsley Agyemang continued that the six Senior High Schools in the Municipality would have special encounters with him and well-resourced mentors and facilitators in life build and carrier maintenance, dubbed “Time with a Kingsley.”

He added that the Kingsley Maths and Science Quiz was a clear manifestation of believing in the people, identifying talents, and nurturing them to make it great for the nation.

He said he had made the Municipality proud and would be leading Abuakwa State College to the National Championships after putting up a splendid display, and ensuring a commanding lead in the regional finals of the National Science and Maths Quiz.

”Together with our partners, we congratulate you for achieving such a feat, and we know you will continue to make yourself and the people of Abuakwa South Municipality proud, as you compete on the National platform,” he said.

He said that they had absolute confidence that the next generation would make Ghana great, just like our forbearers, the JB Danquahs.

He disclosed that 12 school children and eight teachers benefited from the programme, and they were in Dubai for an educational trip.

On her part, the Regional Director of Education, Mrs. Margaret Nsiah Asamoah, urged the students to take their education seriously to enable them to excel in future.

She described the Kingsley Maths and Science Quiz as a laudable initiative that sought to prepare the younger generation in the country, and, therefore, called on teachers, mentors, and coaches to support the students.

She added that the programme would help the young learner to get a solid foundation in Maths and Science education at the secondary level.

With the 92 primary schools preparing for the spelling challenge, the contests would be held across the various towns in the Municipality, whilst a school would have to make it past four levels to get to the final in each of the competitions.

At the end of the contest various prizes and awards, including all participating schools in both contests, would receive a Certificate of Participation, notwithstanding schools that would progress to each level of the competitions.

The best performing school at the quarter-final and semi-final levels in both contests wpuld receive the Beulah Award (a cash prize of GH¢500) and Luki Award (a cash prize of GH¢500) respectively.

The overall winner for the Maths and Science takes home GH¢1,500 for each contestant, GH¢3,000 for the school, a project for the school worth GH¢20,000.00, and an educational trip abroad, with the overall winner for the Spelling Challenge taking home GH¢1,000 for each contestant, GH¢2,000 for the school, a project for the school (GH¢20,000, and an educational trip abroad

Contestants of the schools that make it to the final would each receive a laptop, a set of learning materials, and a cash prize. Their coaches would also go home with a laptop each.


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