Iraq hit by heavy sandstorm, airport shut down

The latest heavy sandstorm to hit Iraq has forced some schools and offices to close, while flights at Baghdad Airport have also been suspended.

The education ministry and other offices declared Monday a day off for local government institutions, with the exception of health services. According to medical officials, hundreds of people across Baghdad and southern cities went to hospitals with breathing difficulties.

Baghdad International Airport said in a statement that it was closing its airspace and halting all flights until further notice because of low visibility. The state-run INA news agency reported that airports in Najaf and Sulaimaniyah were also closed for the day.

It is the eighth dust storm since mid-April to hit Iraq, which has been battered by soil degradation, intense droughts and low rainfall linked to climate change.

The last one earlier this month led to the death of one person while 5,000 others had to be hospitalised for respiratory problems. Authorities in seven of Iraq’s 18 provinces, including Baghdad, ordered government offices shut. Iraq is the fifth-most vulnerable country in the world to the climate crisis, according to the United Nations.




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