I’ll lead NPP to recapture lost seats -Nana B

The National Youth Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Henry Nana Boakye, has assured members of the elephant party of his commitment to help recapture parliamentary seats that were lost to the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in election 2020.

It would be recalled that the New Patriotic Party (NPP), who had a majority of 169 members in the seventh parliament, lost 32 of its seats to the opposition NDC, leaving them with just 137 members by the end of the 2020 elections.

But Nana Boakye, who is currently eyeing the National Organiser position in the upcoming national executive elections slated for July, this year, says he would ensure that those lost seats are re-captured.He mentioned this as part of a ten point strategic plan, which he intends to roll out to secure the party’s victory in election 2024, when he is given the nod to be the party’s National Organiser.

The other plans which he intends to roll out when given the nod are; developing an all-inclusive& participatory activity master plan, strategic communication built on solid organisation & training, resource & logistic mobilisation and continuous training and capacity building programmes.

The remaining five are building a stronger volunteer/identifiable group management system, organising special wings outreach programmes, strengthening the party’s membership drive efforts, digitization and strengthening Diaspora party activities and programmes.

Mr Boakye, who is known in political circle as ‘Nana B’, believes that all these programs will resonate well with the delegates and the rank and file of the party and eventually secure victory for the elephant party.

Speaking about why he is vying for the National Organiser position, Mr Boakye said he believes he has gathered the relevant skills and experiences from the various positions he has held in the party, starting from the grassroots level and is capable of steering the party’s wheels to a victorious win come 2024.

He mentioned positions he has held at the polling station, the Tertiary Students Confederacy (TESCON), constituency and national level as forming the basis for his strong sense of leadership, which he believed will enable him play the role of the National Organiser with ease.

“In July this year, the party will once again go to Conference to elect National Officers to lead the party for the next 4 years. Respectfully, I’m putting myself up to be elected as National Organiser of our party when the time is due. I have made this informed decision, premised on the enormous experience and relevant skills set I have acquired, coupled with proven track record whiles rising through the ranks – from Polling Station, TESCON, Constituency, Region to my current position as National Youth Organiser.”

He disclosed that his campaign will commence today in the Ashanti region and he would meet with the newly elected constituency officers and existing regional officers to put forth his vision and objectives.

He, however, noted that his campaign will be devoid of insults and attacks because his track record, skills and experiences will speak for him and not insults.

“Let me hasten to add that my campaign would be totally clean and decorous devoid of insults or disrespect or personal attacks whatsoever. I have great confidence in my track record and I’m fully convinced that my message crafted around a 10 point strategic plan, outlined below, under the theme – “Strategic Organisation for NPP’s Sustained growth & success” will resonate with delegates and the rank and file.”

He used the opportunity to congratulate all party faithfuls who have been elected to occupy various positions at the polling station, electoral area and constituency levels while wishing the unsuccessful aspirants better luck next time.

He encouraged all stakeholders to bury their differences and in unison, work assiduously to strengthen the party at the base to consolidate the party’s electoral gains.


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