I don’t operate with land guards -AkwamufieDabenghene

Picture of the property of Jam Rock

The Dabenghene of Akwamufie in the Asuogyamang District, Eastern Region, has told The Chronicle that it is never true that he led 15 armed land guards to disturb a private developer at Senchi Amoafokro, near Atimpoku.

Rather, he said, the group he led to the site was a taskforce from the Asuogyaman Assembly, who on the order of the paramountcy was at the spot to stop the developer, Jam Rock, from developing a parcel of land he had allegedly acquired through foul means.

“The said land Jam Rock is developing is a stool land and he has rubbished two different invitations the paramountcy sent to him to come and provide genuine documents covering his acquisition of the land.

“So, yes, on Friday, I led a group of people to the land, which Addo, the owner of Jam Rock is illegally developing without a permit from the paramountcy, but the people I led to stop him from the construction were not land guards. And we went there on the instruction of the paramountcy,” Dabenghene told this reporter on the telephone in a four minutes and three seconds interview.

He said the Akwamufie could mete out strenuous punishment to the developer should he continue to drag the name of the paramountcy into the mud.

“Addo should come to the paramountcy with documents to prove how he acquired the stool land he is developing. This is very simple,” Dabenghene concluded.


Last Friday, The Chronicle picked information that some land guards had gone to assault some workers and destroyed building materials belonging to Jam Rock, a private developer, at a site at SenchiAmoafokro.

According to the developer, that was the second time the land guards, led by Dabenghene, had visited the site to attack his workers and destroy his building materials.


One of the damaged sewage pipes and conduits atop the building

So, the next day, The Chronicle visited the site where we saw a one-storey building under construction, which is the property of Jam Rock.

The building is meant for accommodation, according to Addo Jam Rock, the developer.

He told The Chronicle that he acquired the land from the grandchildren of the real custodian, led by one Alex Asante at Jekiti, in the Asuogyamang District.

“And as far as I know, this is a family land but not a stool land. That notwithstanding, Alex Asante and those who matter in this transaction led me to all the people I had to meet to do the needful and so, I do not understand what Dabenghene and the Omanhene want from me again after I have fulfilled all ‘righteousness’ as far as this land is concerned.

“And for Dabenghene to lead some land guards to come and attack my workers and destroy some of my building materials, I do not get it,” Jam Rock narrated to The Chronicle.

He said he had reported the matter at the Atimpoku Police Station but the perpetrators were yet to be arrested.At the site on Saturday was Alex Asante, one of the grandsons of the custodian of the land, from whom Jam Rock acquired the land.First, he refuted the claim by Dabenghene that the lands in Asuogyamang are stool lands.

“The stool does not own lands here. That is point number one. Now, Jam Rock bought this 7.12 acre of land from us, the grandchildren, in 2017, and I led him to the family for the transaction.

He has sorted out all those who matter in this transaction and so, my family and I do not know what Dabenghene and Omanhene want from the developer.

“Jam Rock has the full backing of the family wherever he will take this matter because he does not owe anybody,” Alex Asante told The Chronicle.


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