Hemanhene supports community police station project

Nana Hemanhene, Nana Apau Wiafe Ababio Sanwoansan, has pledged to support a community Police Station project in the area.

He would contribute GH¢10,000 towards the project on September 1, 2023 to redeem the pledge.

The Hemanhene announced his support during a health walk to herald the launch of the Ejuratia Homecoming in December, in aid of the project.

The project is to benefit adjoining communities in the area which have come under constant attacks by armed robbers on their stretch of road over the years.

The Chief commended the initiative and reminded them that the people of Ejuratia, Heman, Ankaase, Mpobi and Abrade were one and needed to unite and live in peace for development.


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