Health Directorate rolls out mop up immunisation exercise in slum areas

The Ashanti regional Health Directorate has embarked on a mop up immunization exercise in slum areas in the Ashanti region, in an attempt to capture unimmunised children in the ongoing immunisation exercise.

Christened Weekend Vaccination, the exercise aims to vaccinate children of head potters, also known as Kayayei, who are busy during the weekdays, against the six childhood killer diseases.

In an exclusive interview with the Ashanti regional Disease Control Officer, at the Ashanti Regional Health Directorate, Mr.Solomon Boakye noted that the weekend exercise aims to vaccinate children of Kayayei, who are largely busy working during the weekday.

Asked about the numerical target of the exercise, Mr Boakye indicated that quotas for the general exercise have been distributed among Metropolitans, Municipals and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in the region.

Touching on Covid-19 vaccination, the Ashanti Regional Disease Control Officer, disclosed that a total of 4,975,796 people have been inoculated in the region, representing 72.4%.

Asked about the challenge associated with vaccination in the Ashanti region, he mentioned apathy from the elderly as the challenge, adding that if the masses embrace vaccination, the region will attain herd immunity.

Additionally, Solomon Boakye told this reporter that if one gets vaccinated, it does not mean the person cannot be diagnosed of Covid-19, however vaccination could curb the impact of the virus on humans.

He indicated that as of now, the available vaccine is Pfizer, adding that they are accessible at any public health facility hence those unvaccinated can go these facilities and get vaccinated.


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