GRIDCo supports Oti region flood victims 

Relief items have been presented to the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) by Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) to be transported to the Oti region in support of flood victims.

The items include two water tanks, 110 bags of rice, 150 boxes of tomato puree, 110 boxes of cooking oil, 80 boxes of Sardine and Mackerel, 500 bags of sachet water and 100 boxes of soaps.

The rest are 10 boxes of antiseptics, 120 packs of toilet paper, 300 pieces of mosquito nets and 170 boxes of sanitary pad.

Eric Nana Agyemang Prempeh, Director General of NADMO, received the items from Ebenezer Kofi Essienyi, Chief Executive Officer of GRIDCo, on behalf of the victims.

Mr. Essienyi told the press that the donation and selection of victims was based on the decision of the management of GRIDCo.

The decision was influenced by most of the focus being given to victims of the flood downstream, other than those affected regions like Oti in the upstream of the Volta Lake.

“So what we did was to look at what we can offer. So management decided to provide those items after collaborating with our sister agency, VRA (Volta River Authority),” he added.

GRICo took the steps to support the flood victims at Kete Krachi in the Oti region, on assessment made by management, as the corporate organisation uses electricity to touch lives.

Mr. Prempeh thanked GRIDCo on behalf of the victims and the inter-ministerial committee on disasters.

He agreed that the flood affected six regions of the country, but the concentration was only on those at the downstream – part of eastern, Greater Accra and Volta regions.

The floods were as a result of heavy downpour and the Akosombo and Kpong dams spillage.

He was happy that finally, corporate Ghana is casting its net wide to roll in other flood victims in the Oti region, saying “I’m happy that GRIDCo has come to our aid and they have chosen to send their items to the upstream. It is a good thing they have done and we are so happy.”

After the symbolic presentation in Accra on Wednesday, the items were transported to the Oti region by GRIDCo, to be distributed only to the affected people.

Since the flood waters have not receded completely, the flood victims were advised to hold their horses for the disaster management team to ensure that it is safe for them to go back to their various communities and former lives.

He said the government was still spending through NADMO, Ghana Gas and VRA to ensure that the victims are fed and taken care of.

Mr. Prempeh also complained about disasters not having an end in sight, referring to a recent conflict in the Oti region, which displaced about 250 people, as well as another flooding incident at Dawhenya, in the Greater Accra region.


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