GRIDCo, ECG apologise to residents for erratic power supply in Kumasi 

The Ghana GRID Company, in conjunction with the Electricity Company of Ghana, have rendered an apology to residents of Kumasi over the recent erratic power supply.

Engineer Eugene Vincent Boakye, Director for GRIDCO Northern Network, at a joint press briefing in Kumasi explained that the power situation in Greater Kumasi has been experiencing challenges in recent times, especially during peak periods, from 6:00pm to 11:00 pm and apologised for the inconvenience being experienced by customers.

He stated that on November 9, 2021 a communication tower collapsed and fell on the 330kV Aboadze-Kumasi Transmission Line at Bogoso, causing the collapse of three transmission towers and in the process caused extensive damage which require either repair or complete replacement.He disclosed that, as a result, most of the Electricity supply in Kumasi has since been coming from Akosombo Generation Station and the power generation enclave in Tema

He revealed that, during peak periods, the available transmission network cannot carry enough power to the country’s middle and northern parts, including Kumasi.

According to the GRIDCO boss, the affected parts normally consume 340MW at peak time and that anytime they are unable to get this amount of power the demand damages the system.

As a result, there has been the need to manage power supply to Kumasi and its environs to avoid a total transmission system failure. He stated that, reconstruction work has been expedited to reconstruct the fallen towers and restore the line to service and normalise the power situation in Kumasi by mid December 2021, while related works are going on across the gas supply chain to enhance and improve gas supply.

He reiterated that, there are ongoing short, medium and long term interventions led by the Ministry of Energy towards finding lasting solutions to the power challenges facing Kumasi. This, he said, include ministry of Energy in collaboration with all allied agencies to establish another power generation enclave in Kumasi to improve power supply reliability to the Middle and northern parts of the country.

Engineer Boakye indicated that intensifying transmission system enhancement programmes will improve the voltage situation in Kumasi. The initiative, he said, include the installation of voltage improvement equipment, Static Valve Compensator (SVC).

He mentioned  plans to build a third Bulk Supply Point (3BSP) in Kumasi to increase the transformation and voltage stability, while putting their best efforts to expedite ongoing works and other planned interventions to improve the power situation in Kumasi in particular, and urged their cherish customers to bear with them in this trying moment.

GRIDCo and ECG assured the general public of their commitment towards maintaining a reliable and efficient national power supply for development.


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