‘Ghana getting gas from multiple sources does not pose any threat to us’

Management of West Africa Gas Pipeline Company (WAGPCO) has indicated that it does not see as a threat Ghana having gas from multiple sources. “This is an opportunity, because the more gas passing through our pipes, the more revenue we get”. WAGPCO pipeline capacity is estimated at 474milion standard cubic feet.

Speaking to the media at Takoradi, the General Manger of WAGPCO, Corporate Affairs, Dr. Isaac Adjei Doku added that having gas from multiple sources has also brought reliability to WAGPCO.
This, he explained to mean that if one source of gas is cut off, the other source could increase the flow of gas.

The General Manager, Corporate Affairs, mentioned that the gas transporter has seen a success story in terms of Public Private Partnership (PPP) and has become a model for others.
This success story, management believes shows that there could be collaboration between public and private sectors in achieving developmental goals.
He, however, explained that safety remained priority of the gas transporter because conveying a commodity through a 600km pipeline of high pressured gas called for strict safety adherence.

This is because anything could happen in the course of the transportation. He revealed that the Naval forces along the route are patrolling their pipelines to ensure vessels do not destroy them.


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