French opposition refuses Macron’s plea to form ‘compromise’ govt

France’s opposition parties appeared to reject President Emmanuel Macron’s call for “compromises” to keep the country governable after his party failed to win an absolute majority in last weekend’s parliamentary election.

The main opposition parliamentary groups from the left and the right demanded Macron clarify which compromises he was ready to make in order to win their backing.

Macron’s centrist alliance came in 44 seats short of an absolute majority in the second round of the legislative election last Sunday.

Marine Le Pen’s far right National Rally (RN) is now the second largest party in the parliament, and a broad left-wing alliance, which includes the far left, is on the other side.

The results of the election threaten to hinder Macron’s ability to carry out his planned reforms – including an ambitious pension reform.

In an address late Wednesday, Macron ruled out a national unity government, and instead talked about building “compromises” without offering concrete details of what that would look like.

Credit: rfi


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