Forestry Commission arrests Ghanaians and Chinese for illegal mining

The Rapid Response Team (RRT) of the Forestry Commission, upon intelligence surveillance, has arrested 13 persons, who were undertaking illegal mining in the Bonsa River Forest Reserve in the Western Region.

A statement from the Commission said the suspects were made up of seven Ghanaians and six Chinese.

The Ghanaians were identified as Halidu Salam, 32; Haruna Sule, 28; Atta Panyin Ayoma, 33; Kofi Taller, 43; Paul Agidi, 32; Amoako Emmanuel,33; and George Aidoo.

The six Chinese nationals were Lua Lin Sie; Lui Chan Nai; Mo Nai Kong; Son Sin; Wei Jia Ping and Niu Wai Sing.

The statement said the suspects had been handed over to the Ghana Police Service in Tarkwa to be processed for court.

The RRT visited Epieso and Atwereboanda, which are fringe communities of the Reserve, and a compartment belonging to Samartex Company Limited, where the RRT immobilised five (5) excavators and two (2) motorbikes.

Two long housing units and a number of fuel depots were also destroyed by RRT.

The Ministry of Lands & Natural Resources and Forestry Commission called on the Ghana Police Service to speedily process the culprits for court, and the judiciary to mete out stiffer punishments to the culprits in line with the appropriate legislation.

The RRT was made up of 21 men, drawn from four (4) RRTs stationed at Tarkwa, Prestea, Samreboi and Takoradi.

Source: GNA


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