Estate developer petitions CID over invasion of ‘land guards’ on his land at Appolonia

Heavens Gate Estates Limited, an estate development company, has petitioned the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service to investigate a heavily armed group of land guards who have invaded its acquired lands at Apolonia near Ashaiman in the Greater Accra Region.

In a petition dated May 11, 2023, the company said though it had reported the case to the Oyibi police, the latter could not do anything about the issue, because of the alleged claim that a top police personnel was aware of the activities of the land guards who are heavily armed with assault rifles.

The following is the full petition.

Heavens Gate Estates Limited is a real estate business entity. As part of our real estate business, we acquired 570.06 acres of land from Appolonia Stool in 2009 and registered same with lands commission and were issued land title certificate number TDA.1241 Volume 019 Folio 679. Copy attached for your perusal.

We invested resources into preparing the land into semi serviced plots by grading, demarcating, pillaring and prepared complete layout plan and began to make grants to our numerous clients both institution such Judicial Ladies Association of Ghana, Atkada Company, Tema Chapter Teachers Cooperative Credit Union etc. and over 500 individual clients which most of them have commenced development of the plot allocated to them.

It is instructive to note that in January 2022, the person whom this petition is made against through (name withheld by The Chronicle filed a complaint against the Company at the Visa and Documentation Fraud Unit of the Police Service at the Headquarters alleging that the Indenture, which was signed by the late Chief of Appolonia to the Company was forged.

The complaint was investigated and, in the end, it was established that the said document was genuine and not forged according to the report authored by SAAYAWINE (C/SUPT.), Director-Admin for Director-General (CID) dated 11th February, 2022 with v receipt number 20/594501. Copy of the report attached for your perusal.

Again, in January 2023, another complaint was filed at the Greater Accra Regional Police Command by the same individuals who made similar complaint at the Police Headquarters in 2022 with the same allegations of forged document. The case is still under investigation.

However, even before the case could be finalized, the petitioners (names withheld by The Chronicle) on 10th May, 2023 to our utter shock went to the site in the company of about 50 armed land guards with 4 bulldozers to grade all demarcations carried out with pillars and destroy properties belonging to our clients.

When our attention was drawn, we quickly called the Oyibi Police commander who dispatched the patrol team to cause arrest, but surprisingly the Oyibi police was called by the Director General of CID to permit the trespassers with their land guards to continue with the destruction on the land. Pictures attached for your perusal.

The company has legitimate title to the land in question despite the fact the land is a subject matter of several litigations pending before different courts with judgments yet to be given. As we submit this petition, they are at the site with the armed land guards grading the land and destroying properties of clients.

With the presence of their armed land guards, it is no longer safe for any of our numerous clients to continue working on their plots.

We are, therefore, petitioning your office to, as a matter of urgency, intervene in the situation at the site to avoid it degenerating into loss of lives and properties considering the display of arms at the site by the land guards.

We have attached copies of all relevant documents as far as ownership of the land is concerned for your perusal.

Looking forward to your favorable consideration of this petition. Counting on your usual cooperation.

Yours sincerely,


Prince Allotey

CEO, Heavens Gate Company Limited


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