Entrust Unit committees with implementation of Sanitation Laws -Dr. Prempeh

The former Presiding Member of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), Dr. Edward Prempeh, has suggested that the implementation of the Community Sanitation laws should be entrusted with Unit Committees members.

He said since these elected Committee members lived in the communities, their roles, as spelt out in the Constitution, are the best to propagate the ideals of the Sanitation laws.

The concerns of the Proprietor of the St. Edward Clinic are premised on the fact that

their efforts do not seem to be seen and appreciated by the people.

Dr. Prempeh further suggested that they needed to undergo training and liaise with the District Environmental Officers for the smooth implementation of the Community Sanitation Laws.

He said Unit Committee members should be empowered to implement the monthly Sanitation Cleaning Exercise by equipping them with the necessary tools, like boots, shovels, pick axes and wheel barrows, among others, to assume the role of Town Councilors to enforce the Sanitation Law.

“The Assembly Members of the various electoral areas may be encouraged to monitor and supervise the activities of the Unit Committee Members for effective implementation.”

Dr. Prempeh has also called for the institution of a Sanitation Court to prosecute and deal with those who fall foul of the laws.

The former Presiding Member advocated that a percentage of proceeds of fines at the Sanitation Court should be released to the Unit Committee Members to help them sustain their activities.

To further sustain their activities, Dr. Prempeh proposed that a competition be organised annually to choose the cleanest and most orderly area in the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assembly, and winners appropriately rewarded as an incentive.


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