Elder appeals to churches to consider plight of members

Victor Gadri - Senior Presbyter

A Senior Presbyter at the Victory Congregation in the Dunkwa District, Mr. Victor Gadri, has appealed to religious leaders and churches to always consider the plight of their vulnerable members and the less privileged in their catchment areas first.

He noted that churches were supposed to comfort their vulnerable members and bring smiles to their faces all year round, instead of living luxurious lives while the members struggle to make earns meet on a daily basis.

Mr. Gadri, who is a Businessman, said the church was to preach peace, hope and love for one another, and for that matter, the church must not only concentrate on giving comfort to the leadership at the expense of the ordinary member, who was compelled and enticed to contribute to the development of the church.

He noted this while interacting with the media at a Thanksgiving Service that it was good for members of the church to have a conducive place for workshop, which was incumbent for the rich and the poor to do, irrespective of their financial and economic status, but not to neglect the members’ welfare after all their efforts and contributions.

The Businessman challenged the rich in society to always support the less privileged in and around their communities, stressing that it was not worth it for the haves to display wealth and live ostentatious and luxurious lives, while those around them suffer. “This is not a good sign of a religious person,” he said.

Mr. Gadri revealed that God blessed one for the purpose of helping others, and not to show off wealth and property to ridicule the poor in society.


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