Editorial: Responsible use of social media is a must

Myjoyonline.com yesterday published a story that the Police have apprehended two individuals, Kwame Sarpong and Ibrahim Mohammed, who were prominently featured in a viral video brandishing machetes and knives while threatening to harm any person who resists them during robberies.

The arrest of the suspects took place on Sunday, November 19, 2023. The individuals, who identify themselves as members of the “Aputuogya gangsters,” were captured at their hideout in Aputuogya, according to police report. They are currently being held in police custody, and assisting authorities with ongoing investigations into their activities.

The violent nature of the viral video highlights the need for swift action against such online threats. In this age of social media, the power to disseminate information has become both a boon and a bane. While it has connected people across the globe, it has also provided a platform for the proliferation of harmful content.

The Cyber Unit of the Ghana Police Service deserves commendation for their proactive approach, and it is crucial for the public to recognize the importance of responsible social media usage. Just recently, just recently, an Accra Circuit Court sentenced an unemployed man to three years in prison for sharing naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend with his friends on social media. 

Also, in April 2021, actress Rosemond Brown, popularly known as Akuapem Poloo, was convicted by an Accra Circuit Court after she posted a naked picture with her son on Instagram, celebrating his seventh birthday.

The Chronicle is impressed by the ability of the Cyber Security Authority to identify and locate individuals involved in criminal activities through online platforms. This is a testament to their expertise and dedication. Their timely response ensures the safety and security of the public, preventing potential harm and instilling confidence in the justice system.

The “Aputuogya gangsters” incident, for instance, highlights the negative consequences of misusing social media platforms. The viral video, which showcased the duo brandishing weapons and issuing threats, not only created fear and panic, but also glorified criminal behavior.

The Chronicle is of the view that it is essential for the public to recognize the potential harm that can arise from sharing such content, as it can incite violence and embolden others to engage in criminal activities.

It is imperative to exercise responsible social media usage by refraining from sharing or promoting content that glorifies violence or criminal behavior. By doing so, we can collectively contribute to a safer online environment and discourage individuals from seeking attention or validation through such means.

We urge individuals, communities and social media platforms to work together to identify and report suspicious or harmful content. By reporting such incidents promptly, we can assist law enforcement agencies in their efforts to maintain public safety and hold individuals accountable for their actions.

With the increasing development of the internet and social media, millions of people are active on these platforms. However, it is equally important for the public to recognize the impact of social media and exercise responsible usage.

By refraining from sharing or promoting harmful content, we can collectively contribute to a safer online environment. Let us work together to ensure that social media remains a platform for positive engagement and not a breeding ground for criminal behavior.


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