Dubawa trains journalist in information disorder

Over 30 journalists, drawn from both the print and the electronic media in Takoradi, have attended a two-day training workshop, organised by Dubawa Ghana, an independent verification and fact checking platform, on fact checking and digital verification.

On the first day of the training session, which was centered on information disorder, misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information, Caroline Anipah, Deputy Director of Dubawa Ghana, took the journalist through information disorder.

She showed and identified to the media personnel strategist useful in fighting fake news, and mentioned fact-checking and verification, capacity building, and research work with tech giants amongst others as strategies useful in fighting fake news.

Maxine Danso, Communication Officer of Dubawa, showed journalist how to identify different manifestations of false and misleading multimedia content.

She also demonstrated how to use digital verification tools to identify the authenticity, timeline and context of content online.

Nathan Dagadu, Editor of Dubawa Ghana, took the media personnel through fact checking tools. With a prepared script, Nathan took the journalist through how to identify a claim, and research tools to use to fact check.

The journalist practiced identifying claims and using google digital verification, research and visualisation tools during the final training on digital verification and fact-checking processes for the newsroom.

The two-day exercise was the first training workshop since Desmond Cudjoe, Western Regional Chairman of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), and his executive assumed office.

Speaking at the workshop, he urged the journalists to make good use of the training to help in fact-checking. He also thanked the trainers for the workshop.


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