Despite mother’s appeal, terrorist insists on N100m ransom to free kidnapped pupils

Notorious terror gang leader, Dogo Gide, who abducted some pupils and teachers of the Federal Government College, Yauri in Kebbi State, has vowed not to release them unless he is paid the N100 million ransom he requested.

Salim Kaoje, whose daughter, Farida Kaoje, is one of the remaining 11 girls, told PREMIUM TIMES that Mr Gide insisted on the ransom, even with the intervention of his mother to have him release the girls.

“It’s true,” Mr Kaoje said when asked by PREMIUM TIMES whether it was true that Mr Gide’s mother took part in the negotiations to have the girls released.

“I’ve spoken with the two (Mr Gide and his mother). I’ll send it (recorded conversations) to you.”

In the two recorded phone conversations listened to by this reporter, Mr Gide was heard telling Mr Kaoje, who speaks for the families of the abducted girls, that his mother vowed never to leave the camp until the captives are released.

“I said she (his mother) should speak to you about it. If you agree with my condition (N100m) just give it to someone you trust I can tell you who you’ll give it to but don’t give it to those ones (he said some of the early negotiators tried to cheat him). If I betray you, may God never fulfill my desires,” Mr Gide said.

Mr Kaoje sounded unconvinced in the 17 minutes, 10 seconds conversation and kept insisting Mr Gide should take an oath that he would fulfil his pledge to release all the girls once he is given the money.

Mr Kaoje asked Mr Gide if he trusts the Emir of Dansadau (in Zamfara State) so he would be appointed to negotiate on behalf of the family.

On why he is insisting on the set ransom, Mr Gide said the parents initially agreed to give him the money but later said the state government was not helping them to get the amount.



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