Colombia plane crash: Mum told children to leave her and get help

The mother of four children rescued after 40 days in the Amazon jungle was alive for four days after their plane crashed.

Magdalena Mucutuy told her children to leave and find help as she lay dying.

Speaking to reporters, the children’s father, Manuel Ranoque, said his eldest daughter told him their mother urged them to “get out” and save themselves.

The siblings, aged 13, nine, five, and one, were rescued and airlifted out of the jungle on Friday.

They were moved to a military hospital in the nation’s capital Bogota.

“The one thing that [13-year-old Lesly] has cleared up for me is that, in fact, her mother was alive for four days,” Mr. Ranoque told reporters outside the hospital.

“Before she died, their mum told them something like, ‘You guys get out of here. You guys are going to see the kind of man your dad is, and he’s going to show you the same kind of great love that I have shown you,” he said.

Details have been emerging about the children’s time in the jungle and their miraculous rescue – including the first things the children said when they were found.

Rescue worker Nicolás Ordóñez Gomes recalled the moment they discovered the children.

“The eldest daughter, Lesly, with the little one in her arms, ran towards me. Lesly said: ‘I’m hungry,'” he told public broadcast channel RTVC.

“One of the two boys was lying down. He got up and said to me: ‘My mum is dead.'” He said rescuers responded with “positive words, saying that we were friends, that we were sent by the family”.

Mr Ordóñez said the boy replied: “I want some bread and sausage.”



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