COKA bounces back in pursuit of “break the 8” agenda

The former Afigya Kwabre South Constituency Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Odeneho Kwaku Appiah, has affirmed his resolve to champion the party’s vision of breaking the 8 in the 2024 elections. The head of the COKA fraternity said his primary goal was to work towards the ultimate in the 2024 elections, which called for all hands to be put on deck to win the 2024 elections and maintain power.

COKA, as he has become known, said in an interview that he would continue to do all he could to help the NPP retain power. “I will not relent in my efforts to ensure that my party retained power,” he said, and called on all party members to work together as one to break the NPP’s eight-year mantra.

The former Constituency Chairman, who failed in his bid to lead the party in the region last May, emphasised that the regional elections were over, and once the delegates decided and settled on Mr. Bernard Antwi Boasiako alias Chairman Wontumi, his focus currently was to mobilise resources and the members to work hard towards victory by the party.

According to him, he and Chairman Wontumi were not enemies, and as a true democrat, he had moved on, and that his target now was not Wontumi, neither was he Wontumi’s target, stressing that “we are brothers and friends.”

“What is important now is for me to help the party in my own small way to encourage people to win the elections,” he said explaining that it would not augur well if the party loses the polls through his apathy. On the menace of illegal mining, COKA called on all Ghanaians to get

Involved in the fight against the canker.

He said the fight against galamsey needs a collective national effort and therefore must be every person’s concern to win.

“The fight requires collective efforts of chiefs, media, civilians and everybody. I mean all hands on deck devoid of party partisanship else we will lose the fight,” he said. COKA further explained that mining is not a bad venture but becomes problematic when the right procedures in acquiring license and best practices are compromised.

He insisted that in order that our water bodies and farmlands are protected the players in the business should adopt the right procedures to achieve the desired results. Talking about the fallen value of the cedi which he attributed to the currency fluctuations and floating exchange rates as characteristic of most major economies, the former constituency Chairman blamed the situation partly on speculations by Ghanaians lately.

COKA said the panic reaction to the exchange rate is as a result o four usual ‘noise making’ which in the long run will do us no good. According to him, the louder the speculations, the more the foreign exchange market responded negatively and called on Ghanaians to tone down on unnecessary speculations.

“We are not doing our economy any good by speculating” he noted and pleaded with Ghanaians to tone down a bit because that was a sure way to get our economy back in shape. He noted that the current economic hardships are a global phenomenon since not a single country across the world is spared of the economic downturn.

The NPP guru was hopeful that the country’s economic performance could influence the exchange rate stressing that all was not lost.


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