Bribery allegation rocks Minority Caucus

The drama following the massive endorsements of the six ministerial nominees and two justices of the apex court appears to be more than what meets the eye. Amongst the unfolding issues is an allegation that some members of the opposition parliamentarians were bought by the majority to vote to approve all the nominees.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Cape Coast South, Kweku Rickett Hagan, did not mince words on Accra-based TV3 last Saturday, March 25, 2023, that there was “no doubt” some of his colleagues were compromised.

Though the outspoken Legislator shied from mentioning names, he made it clear that the exact number of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) MPs who were allegedly bribed by the Majority was revealed to his leadership, asking: “Was it a coincidence that the numbers happen to be the same?”

According to him, those MPs allowed themselves to be bought for their own interests, at the expense of the collective goal.

He alleged on the TV3 programme that: “There are some people who don’t see the collective interest of what we are trying to achieve as a party, and that they are more interested in themselves making money as quick as they can, and by selling the NDC Minority Caucus when we are in a position of strength. That, if it looks as if we have something good that we talk about that we want to achieve, others use that to go and negotiate for their own selfish interest on the other side.”

Not too clear of the exact message Mr. Hagan wanted to put across, the host asked: “So what you want to say is that some NDC MPs were bribed; they took money?”

He responded: “Absolutely. No doubt. Because before we went into…things added up. Let me tell you why I said no doubt. Our leadership told us the number of people on our side; that they are 100% sure that they have gotten them. They told us, and was it a coincidence that the numbers happen to be the same? They (Our leadership) went into a meeting and our opponent told them that we have bought your people so be careful of what you are trying to do. That is what my leaders told me?”


The party has indicated it would stop at nothing to fish out the MPs who disregarded its firm directives. But, even before that, some NDC MPs have made comments suggesting they did not disobey the party.

Apart from Kweku Rickett Hagan, the MP for North Tongu took to his social media page a quote that “there is no knife that cuts so sharply and with such poisoned blade as treachery.”

A video showing the ballot paper for the ministerial nominees is also circulating in which a voice is heard saying he is Murtala and “this is how I voted.” In the video, a pen is seen ticking all the ‘No’ boxes.


The conduct of the MPs appears to be a slap in the faces of the party leadership, and the former president, John Dramani Mahama, who have been keen on the need for the government to downsize.

A cursory analysis of the comments following the results of the vote depicts a feeling of betrayal.

In its statement signed by the General Secretary of the party, Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, the NDC condemned the conduct in no uncertain terms: “As it not only betrays the expressed will of the party, but the desire of the Ghanaian people and constitutes a massive stab in the back of the good people of Ghana.”

Taking a bite, the former president, John Drama Mahama, said he was “also disappointed,” especially as the leadership of the MPs had given no room for doubts based on the assurances.

He added: “Those responsible for this betrayal must do some serious soul searching and learn to place national interest over personal interest.”


The statement signed by the current General Secretary of the NDC, Fifi Kwetey, to condemn the conduct of the minority MPs, appears to be a reflection of what he experienced in 2009.

President Mills had nominated him for appointment as a deputy finance minister, but had to go through secret votes before securing parliamentary approval.

The Appointments Committee was split over his nomination, with then minority, now majority, saying he had peddled some untruths during the 2008 campaign.

He was approved with 117 votes from the majority as against 106 by the Minority, under the speakership of Joyce Bamford Addo.


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