Biden to announce $33bn to help Ukraine in war

President Biden will ask Congress for $33bn (£27bn) in military, economic and humanitarian assistance to support Ukraine “for the next five months”.Mr Biden is due to set out the details on Thursday morning.The package includes more than $20bn in military aid, $8.5bn in economic aid and $3bn in humanitarian aid.

The White House has also proposed making it easier for the US to seize and sell Russian oligarchs’ assets, and transfer their proceeds to Ukraine.

The proposals released on Thursday are a significant ramping up of US aid to Ukraine.

Mr Biden’s first funding request after the war began, which was approved by Congress last month, was less than $14bn. Last week, President Biden authorised a second $800m (£642m) military aid package in as many weeks, as well as $500m (£401m) in direct economic assistance.

The US has moved quickly to help Ukraine since the war began in late February.



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