Benya FM studios vandalised, host severely beaten

The vandalised studio of the radio station

An Elmina based radio station, Benya FM, came under attack on Monday night when suspected thugs allegedly stormed the station and subjected the host at the time, Osofo Blessing, to severe beatings.

The host, who is popularly known as Teacher Adze, was allegedly hit and slapped many times by the thugs, who were three in number, leaving visible bruises on his face.

Not completely satisfied by their acts of hooliganism, the suspects allegedly vandalised the studio of the station, destroyed the station’s console, microphones and anything they could lay sight on.

 Narrating his ordeal to the Chronicle, Teacher Adze stated that he went to town in the afternoon of Monday and visited where premix fuel was being sold to fishermen. He continued that the exercise was being done in a disorderly manner, a situation that created heavy confrontations and nearly led to chaos.

“Thankfully, the MCE of the KEEAMA came around to ensure that sanity prevailed, but as soon as he left, the scuffle started again, because some people who don’t have canoes were being given the fuel,” he explained.

According to him, “these people will cut corners to buy the fuel at subsidised prices, but sell same at cut-throat prices to the fishermen, for whom the product has been subsidised by the government.

“So on the evening show, known as ‘Far kua’, I praised the MCE for his timely intervention and mentioned that some guys have been going round in his name to take fuel, so he should bring them to order”.

As soon as he finished addressing the issue, he said, three guys walked into the studio and started beating him for the pronouncements he made about the premix fuel.

The Programmes Manager of the station, Mr Kweku U. Dawood, stated in an interview with the paper that the attack on the presenter went out on air, because his microphones were on, as at the time of the incident.

Report to police

He indicated that the incident has since been reported to the police in Elmina, where an official statement from the victim has been taken.

He said, the victim, who visited the hospital and had his situation examined has since been discharged and is in a stable condition.

He described the attack as not just needless but also barbaric and hoped that the police would in no time bring the perpetrators before the law court to face justice.

He further explained that the station has since been closed down.


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