Being an actor helps me win more souls; Majid Michel

Ghanaian actor and evangelist, Majid Michel, has said his profession as an actor has provided the needed support to win more souls for God.

According to him, people listen to him with rapt attention whenever he preaches the word of God.

“People receive the gospel warm-heartedly and are very attentive,” he said.

Speaking to Adom News on Adom TV, he said he serves as a role model to many, especially the youth.

“I am the model to most of the youth and the young ones growing up because they look up to me,” he noted.

“So when I put them together and tell them certain things, they receive them in good faith,” he added.

Adding to this, he indicated that “usually when you look up to somebody who is successful and is in the area of your gifting, you listen to them because your instinct is to be successful”.

Mr Michel has starred in numerous movies both locally and internationally.



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