Agona West NDC accuses Communication Officer of being a spy… But Wahab says it’s a blatant lie 

Some Ward Coordinators and party members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Agona West constituency have accused their Communication Officer, Abdulai Wahab, of allegedly leaking some vital information of the party to their main political opponent, the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Wahab, who is affectionately called ‘African Zion’, according to the NDC grassroots functionaries, has close ties with the NPP’s parliamentary candidate for the constituency and, therefore, highly suspects him of stabbing the party in the back, through his covert actions with Chris Arthur, their opponent.

He is further accused of being on the payroll of the YEA to get monetary compensation for the role he is allegedly playing for the NPP.

Wahab, in a WhatsApp interview with The Chronicle on Friday, May 3, 2024 denied any wrongdoing, noting that his loyalty to the NDC has never been compromised.

In support of their claim, the NDC grassroots functionaries indicated that soon after the NPP parliamentary primaries, the NDC called for an emergency meeting and tasked the communications team of the party to come out with a very strong propaganda message on the NPP parliamentary candidate, Arthur, who was elected on Saturday, April 13, 2024.

The meeting, they noted, was held in at the offices of the Swedru Teachers Credit Union, located at Wawase, with no mobile phones allowed.

However, the discussions and plans they made, which were meant to be a secret, were quickly leaked to the NPP soon after the meeting, making them begin to search for the spy within their fold and, thereby, settling on Wahab.

The NDC Ward Coordinators, worried about the phenomenon and its implications on the party, going into the 2024 general elections have, therefore, called on the party hierarchy to, as a matter of urgency, haul Wahab to the Disciplinary Committee of the party for questioning.

“We have been informed by some NPP people that Zion leaked our information to Chris Arthur, but we haven’t done anything about it and he is still causing harm to our party. The party should be bold to haul him before the Disciplinary Committee for questioning and when found guilty, expel him from the party, else some of us won’t kill ourselves for an already failed assignment.

We are told he is even on the YEA payroll and he is yet to deny this serious allegation”, noted one of the Ward Coordinators, who did not want his name to be mentioned because he is not authorised to officially speak on the matter.

The NDC Ward Coordinators also accused the WAM camp within their fold for allegedly campaigning against the party’s parliamentary candidate, Mrs. Ernestina Ofori Dangbey.

WAM is the slogan of one of the NDC candidates who contested the party’s parliamentary primaries but lost.

“There are some of our members who even started campaigning against our candidate even before the NPP held their primaries. They falsely accused Mrs. Dangbey of being stingy and unprepared for the elections. They claim the woman is afraid of Christ Arthur, hence, she doesn’t want to spend so much on the election.

They also accused her of not attending funerals and other activities. They started comparing her with NPP’s Chris Arthur long before Mr. Arthur was elected but these are all lies,”, noted a worried Ward Coordinator in Swedru.

Reacting to the allegations in a WhatsApp chat interview with The Chronicle, Wahab said his loyalty to the NDC remains as solid as a rock, assuring that never in his political career, would he ever stab the party in the back.

“I have suffered so much and risked so much to be leaking any information to the NPP. Those doing that are doing it out of greed and jealousy. But I have told them my destiny is not in their hands and they can never defame me, because my conscience and heart is clean”, he noted.

He said as a result of his hard work for the NDC, he is now being victimised at NADMO, where he is a Senior Staff.

“They have blocked my salary from the CACG since 2020 or so”, he posited.

Asked if he is on the payroll of the YEA, as his colleagues are alleging, he answered in the negative. “It’s never true and if it is, it should be a matter of public records”, he said.

He added, “I understand some colleagues aren’t happy with my open mindedness and brutal honesty, but the last thing I’ll ever do in my life is to betray the NDC or indeed, any course or group I belong to.

“My loyalty to any group or course is rock solid, except my sexual preference because as a Pan-Africanist and Moslem, I am polygamous”.

By Stephen Odoi-Larbi


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