Baptist pastor launches a book that challenges same sex marriage

A Senior Pastor of the Redemption Baptist Church in Cape Coast, Dr Rev Isaac Mills-Owoo, has launched a book that discusses issues and finds solutions to problems facing contemporary societies, as far as what he termed as “authentic marriage” is concerned.

Titled “A Theology of Marriage & Family: A challenge to same-sex relationships”, the book presented an understanding of human sexuality and its related issues.

Additionally, the book presented an intriguing insight into authentic sexuality and authentic marriage, principles of marital relationship and parental tasks in the developmental process.

Prof Addo Obeng’s remarks

Speaking at the launch, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, Professor Emmanuel Addo Obeng, who chaired the occasion, noted that though the book looked smallish in size, it was rich in content.

Prof Add Obeng further indicated that the content of the book enriched understanding of marriage not just from the Christian domain, but also from the social sciences perspective as well.

According to him, marriage and family were the foundation of every society and therefore, praised the author for articulating his views on pressing marital issues and other challenges such as the LGBTQ.

Author’s motivation

Dr Mills-Owoo on his part explained that his passion to help people preserve “authentic marriages” grew as he advanced in his career as a pastoral Counsellor.

“But it was not fully realised until during my doctoral programme in Marriage and Family in the United States”, the author explained.

“That was when I clearly understood the call of God for me to be bold to talk about some marital challenges that many Religious and Community Leaders and some Pastors shied away from or failed to provide adequate and authentic explanations for their abhorrence”.

He noted that when the movement of same sex relationship become prominent in the United States of America, it was very difficult to receive clear explanations from the Christian community, as to why one ought not to engage in such behaviours.

“It was at this point that I felt the need to help provide some understanding of the Theology of Marriage and Family so that the Institution of Traditional Marriages will not be abused continually with innocent people being lured into self destructive practices,” he said.

Explaining further, he mentioned that his goal was not to attack homosexuals and lesbians, but to ensure that people would understand the concept of the Theology of Marriage and Family.

This, he explained, would help them to “appreciate the unhealthy and destructive aspects of homosexual practices to the individuals involved, to families and to societies at large.

“To be fair, I do not only address these issues only from the Christians’ Biblical point of view, but I endeavour to explain how we can learn from the perspective of the Social Sciences”.

The first copy of the book was auctioned for Five Thousand Cedis.


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