All it took was GH¢1.00 to make accident victims smile -AVS

Many accident victims have been left to their fate, while others are dying slowly due to physical challenges that have been compounded with unforgiving financial burdens, Accident Victim Support Ghana (AVS) says.

The President of AVS, Revered Cyril Benedict Crabbe, said many accident victims were helpless because they did not get support from the state, society, family and friends.

He said, because of lack of support, many had resorted to home remedies instead of seeking proper medical help to improve their conditions.

The Revered said the narrative could change if members of society could donate GH¢1.00 to the AVS to assist these victims.

Rev Crabbe made the passionate appeal during the Rev. Cyril Benedict Crabbe Ministries, in collaboration with The Chazak Chapel, organised a special Christmas Service to celebrate some accidents victims in Accra on Sunday, December 19, 2021.

The accident victims, about 37 in number, were given a bag of rice, toilet paper, slipper and pieces of cloth, as a sign of love from benevolent persons like Apostle Okoe Agyeman, who is the Patron of the AVS.

“We gather here every year to share the word of God, and presents to accident victims, amidst praises and worship, to give them some hope, confidence to live, and also to make them feel a sense of belongingness,” Rev Crabbe explained.

He reiterated that after the road crashes, victims were left alone; family members and close relatives rejected and left them to their fates, while loneliness and hardship made their lives miserable.

Thus, he pleads with all and sundry to come to the aid of the victims by donating, at least, GH¢1.00 monthly to 024-112-3430, while others could, as well, send their cash donation to the Accident Victims Support account, Prudential Bank.

Rev. Crabbe indicated that vehicular road accidents were no respecter of persons, and as it continued to rise in the country, there must be a home to cater for the needs of the victims.

“We are calling on the government, corporate institutions, and individuals to support us (AVS). There are a lot of accident victims who end their lives just because they feel their lives have come to an end. That is why we are there to give them hope to face the future,” he stressed.

He said this year, the plan was to reach victims who were suffering in silence across the country, but because the AVS was financially handicapped, it was only able to support very few victims within Accra.


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