Young man lynched …for allegedly attempting to steal VIP bus

The Chrysler vehicle which the VIP bus rammed into

A man believed to be in his thirties has been lynched at Dadeasoaba in Kumasi by a mob, following an attempt by the man to steal nothing less than a Grand Bird bus with a registration number GE 2304-10.

The 04:00am incident occurred at the parking lot of VIP buses at Abinkyi near Dadeasoaba.

Speaking to the Assembly Member of Dadeasoaba Electoral Area, Mr. Akwasi Agyeman, he disclosed to The Chronicle that at about 04:00am, a young man drove away one of the VIPs buses parked at the Abinkyi bus terminal of Jeoun VIP, a move which saw the mate of the bus and onlookers using motorbikes to pursue the vehicle which was allegedly being stolen.

Agyeman indicated that the alleged thief managed to drive the 55-seater bus from the terminal, but owing to poor procedure with which he used to start the bus, the vehicle stalled after the alleged thief had managed to drive it a distance of 100 metres in reverse and rammed into another vehicle parked along the roadside.

According to the local authority, at this moment the mate of the bus and other good Samaritans had ridden motorbikes to cross the bus in an attempt to stop the alleged thief.

Upon realising the bus could not move any longer, the Assembly Member stated, the young man leaped out of the bus and begun to run away, but the people pursued and caught him near the Ashanti Regional office of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), and beat him to death.

Asked about the mortal remains of the alleged thief, Agyeman said t the Asokwa Divisional Police Command later came and took it to a morgue.


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