Yoghurt of Junka Town fame passes on

Osman Idris, popularly known as Yoghurt, one of the leading Actors in the popular Junka Town movies has passed on.

Yogot is known for his ability to play scammer roles in movies, earning him the name Baba No face. He died at the Great Faith Family Clinic at Effiakuma in Takoradi on Tuesday 11th June, 2024.

According to family sources who spoke to The Chronicle, Yoghurt has been treating carbuncle, locally known as ‘nantwi pompo’ or ‘cow boil’ which developed inside his throat.

“For a while, he has not been able to drink water nor eat any food. He has really struggled for a while now” a family source disclosed.

“Almost everyone close to him was aware of what he was battling, it is unfortunate that as we rushed him to the hospital and when he was referred to Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital, the unfortunate happened” the family source further revealed.

As a Muslim, Yoghurt was buried same day he died (Tuesday 11th June) at the Kwesimintsim Islamic Cemetery as customs of the religion demands.

The news of his demise has shocked Ghanaians, especially those who loved and watched the Junka Town Series, attracting reactions online.

Yoghurt shot to fame after featuring in the Takoradi-based produced series with the likes of Too Much, Alaska and a host of others.



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