‘Wo y3 Bra’ Foundation holds maiden Edition of School Projects

The ‘Wo ye Bra’ Foundation, over the weekend, held its maiden edition of the ‘Wo Ye Bra’ School Project, at Dansoman, Accra.

The project, which was held under the theme, “Connecting Schools in Ghana and the USA to foster solidarity, networking, and learning” seeks to initiate a learning exchange programme between schools in Ghana and the United States of America.

The pilot of the project was initiated between His Majesty Senior High in Ghana (Dansoman) and Cass Technical High School in Detroit, USA.

The project, which is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Detroit and Infinity Global Empowerment, gave the female students of both schools a learning session via zoom, where the students interacted with each other on issues bordering around menstrual hygiene, academic calendar, college applications and what interested them as teens.

The Ghana team lead for the Wo Ye Bra School Project, Ms. Jennifer Addochoe Moffatt, in an interview, stated that “the projects serve as a learning platform for all students involved, because the students get to know [at] first-hand how their counterparts’ learning environment is like, and share plans about their future.”

The purpose of the project is to empower young students in Ghana to aspire to greater heights, and build their confidence and oratory skills. It will also serve as a learning exchange for these students and connect with each other.

“It’s a learning platform for these students because a time will come where these two schools will meet physically to get to know more about themselves and learn a lot about various institutions,” she stated.

Ms. Moffatt further revealed that the Project does not only focus on Senior High students, but also primary and pre-schoolers which provides platforms for reading where volunteers read for these students via zoom. She stated that the reading culture in Ghana is quite different from those in the USA where parents read bedtime stories to their children. In Ghana, this hardly happens so this activity will ignite and build a reading culture in the students.

The project also trains female students in making reusable sanitary pads to help cut costs for students who aren’t able to afford sanitary pads and provide menstrual hygiene lessons.

Speaking to the Director of His Majesty SHS after the interview, Mr. Evans Opoku Gyimah stated that this initiative was a good one and that he believed that his students would benefit greatly from the exchange programme.

He further expressed his gratitude to the ‘Wo ye Bra’ team and expected that the programme would continue with the same energy it started with.

“I am very happy about this project, and I hope that this continues exactly how it has started. We want this to go very far for our students,” he said.


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