Who Partners Bawumia? asks Nkrabeah Effah Dartey

I was born in Jinijini, near Brekum. I was educated in Achimota School and I read law at Legon. I was a very noisy student at Achimota and Legon. So, when I joined the Army negative propaganda about me led to the Military Intelligence arresting and jailing me via Court Matial.

Rawlings released me and he too became suspicious of me and arrested me detained me for 6 months and pushed me out of the military.

I went to the law school became a lawyer and concentrated on making money as a lawyer and building a family. I was so scared of politics that I felt so relieved when one day BNI Director Peter Nanfuri told me “We have stopped following you- always women and theatre……………”

You can therefore imagine how I felt when one day in 1998 a three-man delegation came all the way from Jinijini to my law office in Accra. Of course, I knew all of them, all of them Presby Church Choir members.

Yes, folks, what is the problem?

“Captain, Brekum NPP Constituency Executives say that JH Owusu Achapong of NDC always win the elections with votes from the villages as the next biggest community outside Brekum, the NPP says we in JINIJINI should produce a candidate for Election 2000 and we want you.

Reader, I was chosen on a silver platter on SCIENTIFIC BASIS.

The late Major Quarshiegah, the NPP National Organizer told us at an Election Seminar in June 2000 at Cape Cost that election is a scientific battle to be won or lost on scientific basis.

Sit in the boardroom, draw the profile of a winning Candidate then look for the person closest to the profile, AND YOU WILL WIN!!!

Dr Bawumia will win Election 2024 depending on WHO he chooses as his Running mate. NDC is already fielding a battle tested team of John Mahama and Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang. How about NPP?

Reading the media landscape, so many names are making the rounds, but if Dr Bawumia is reading me, the FINAL decision rests with him, and not anybody else, no matter how influential the person is in Ghana today. According to American history, one most fovoured Republican Party Candidate selected a Runing mate who it turned out had a history of mental problem………. need I say that he LOST?

What then is the profile of the successful partner?

The Party’s stronghold is AKAN, so, with a Northerner as a Flagbearer, the Running mate must be AKAN.

The Flagbearer is a Moslem, who are less than 20% of the Ghanaian population, majority of whom already constitute the backbone of NDC. You therefore need a very STRONG Christian crowd pulling person to effectively neutralize the threat from Alan Kywemanteng.

Against this background, for me, Captain, even though I have never met him, I think Apostle ONYINAH, an Asante and one time head of the biggest Christian movement in Ghana Church of Pentecost is the best person to partner Dr Bawumia.

Let us bury our differences and parochial interests and unite behind a winning team Bawumia/Onyinah, and when we win, which is all that matters, we can under the canopy of these two powerful figures continue our internal struggles.

NDC is NOT made up of demons, and neither are we of NPP SAINTS. We are not. All of us have doubtful skeletons in our cupboards.

What we need now are political sharp shooters to jump onto the band wagon and tell Ghanaians that not only free SHS but no Government in history of Ghana has built more asphaltic roads than NPP in the last 7 years. Look at the massive freedom we enjoy in Ghana both electronic and print media…………..

Anybody who read Ebo Quansah’s famous piece in the “Chronicle” about John Mahama’s bid for returning to power will never vote for the NDC. Bawumia and Apostle Onyina together have no skeletons anywhere (cupboard or suitcases)

Over to you, Doctor Bawumia.



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