What’s all this about our motto “Freedom and Justice?”

In that classic sequel, “Roots,” Fiddler warned Kunta Kinte to conduct himself accordingly, adding, “they live by the law and we die by the law.” Fiddler was implying that the same Law had two faces. Whites who violate it go away freely but Blacks could get killed under the same Law.

In Ghana, we pride ourselves with a national motto which goes, “Freedom and Justice.” However, how free a Ghanaian is, will depend on who he is.

There was this joke about a man who stole a fowl and was in court waiting for his case to be called. In the dock was another suspect accused of stealing a goat.

The judge came out with the verdict; the man who stole the goat was sentenced one month. The one who stole the fowl beamed with smile and excitement. Comparing the size of a goat to a fowl, he would just be jailed for week, he assumed.

In his case however, the same judge sentenced for him six months in jail. Confused, he bust out saying, “someone stole a whole goat and he gets one month. I stole a small fowl and I get six months. I will go and come back and when I come, I will steal a cow.”

This portrays what goes on in this country, an act which bastardises our motto, “Freedom and Justice.” Some live by the law and others die by the law. Other than that how can one explain why it could take years in court to come out with a verdict on a case of criminal corruption committed by someone who occupies a high position in society, but in the case of an ordinary man, his case is quickly over with, and verdict given long before the wind blows out a candle?

We profess “Freedom and Justice” meanwhile a half Ghanaian lined up eight full blooded Ghanaians, and shot them died, claiming that they were too corrupt. Some hailed,“Let the Blood Flow!!!” Today, this half Ghanaian’s cronies are out saying he did wrong during the revolution and yet will not go to court to have these wrongs made right, even if the case will take forever?

Over forty years later, this half breed Ghanaian confessed that all the eight full breed Ghanaians he killed were in fact innocent but had to die to save the lives of over eighty guilty ones. Yes, in Ghana, “Some-Live-By-The-Law-And-Others-Die-By-The-Law.” But wait, after this confession of gross crime which violated the rights of the eight persons, this half breed Ghanaian was allowed to live and die in peace and was highly honoured with a befitting burial and named among the heroes of our times. And we are in an era of Rule of Law?

We profess “Freedom and Justice,”and just sat there when one common thief in the rank of the famous Black-Shirt, could in the comfort of his bedroom, steal GH¢ 51.2 million($ 34 million) of our money that could be used for developments.

The Fiddler theory of “Some-Live-By-The-Law-And-Others-Die-By-The-Law,” came in full circles when the persecutors decided that stealing can no longer be classified as a criminal offense and today, this thief, though found guilty as charged, is walking about freely, and deciding when to pay back our money.

We profess “Freedom and Justice”and we must ask ourselves why should eight people be killed for committing no crime, while this common thief, who was proven in courts in Ghana and Africa that he stole, be allowed to walk freely?

Hopefully when he is called by our Maker, he too will get a befitting burial and his soul blessed by pastors for safe arrival in Heaven. His body will be gently placed in a single room grave, something denied the eight full bloodied Ghanaians who were crowded in one grave.

We profess “Freedom and Justice”with our NDC Members of Parliament, sitting tight-lipped throughout when the case of this our Black-Shirt broke, because this common thief financed their party and we told, “you don’t bite the fingers that feed you”.

We profess “Freedom and Justice”and our NDC MPs today, calling for the head of a certain man of God who they claimed consumed part of the offertory, we poor Ghanaians, gave for the construction of our national temple.

This man of God is being alleged to have “stolen”less than five percent of what the NDC’s common thief stole and all Ghanaians are being asked to rise up and shout for our rights. But of course, this man of God, if indeed he stole, should bow down his head in shame and accept what Justice will decide for him, because seriously he cannot claim he never read from the Holy Book, that command which says“Thou Shall Not Steal.”

We profess “Freedom and Justice” and watch on silently when an NDC MP drew the attention of the Black Stars’ coach that he is a good striker by kicking about a court summon and his colleagues are saying that summon was wrong because the authority want to gag him.

Meanwhile in the case of some people these MPs will demand they appear in court, but in the case of their kinsman, court has no right to invite him.Hmmm, and we profess “Freedom and Justice!”

Well, all I can say is “Some-Live-By-The-Law-And-Others-Die-By-The-Law.”

Hon. Daniel Dugan

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect The Chronicle’s stance.


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