What matters is my music not my body -Sefa 

For the umpteenth time, Sefa has responded to rumours that she may have gone under the knife to work on her body. The Ghanaian singer insists that she hasn’t surgically enhanced her body but some people have decided not to believe her. According to the ‘E Choke’ hitmaker, the rumours always stir out from the inquisitiveness of people.

Sefa explains that she has nothing wrong with people fixing their bodies or anything because if there is the need for her to do so, she will boldly do it without anyone’s influence.

I think that it’s just people who want to know a lot about you. But it doesn’t really matter because I always say that if I wake up and I find out that there’s something about me that I don’t like, maybe there’s a pimple. I won’t wait for Empress to say that I should remove it before I go and remove it,” she said.

She continued that “because I am very secure about myself. I mind my own business. If I see that there’s a problem, I will fix it. I am not waiting for a celebrity to tell me that this and that is what they’ve done.”

The ‘Fever’ singer has however emphasized that people pay for her music and therefore, they should focus on her career and nothing else

Credit: pulse.com.gh


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