‘Wee’ cannot influence my music- Flowking Stone

Ghanaian rapper Flowking Stone said in an interview with Property FM, a radio station in Cape Coast, that a great musician does not need an “external influence” to be able to do music.

Although he cited that he was not against those who use drugs to help them with their music, he pointed out clearly that, as a great artist, you should be able to create something magical with the help of “wee”.

He said, “I believe that in this world, everyone has what helps them do whatever they want to do. So as for me, I don’t judge but if I want to use myself as an example, what I understand is if there’s nothing in you and you can create a magical thing, then you are a true artist.”

“You don’t need an external influence to be able to do great music and I think that’s how I understand it. For me, when I’m doing music, I don’t need anything external to do it. But then again, if someone needs some external influence, I won’t judge the person because everyone has what works for them.”

Credit: ghbase.com


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