We will fight for your interests, welfare -UPNM

Regional Executives of UPNMG educating Members and new entrants

The Regional Executives of the Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives Ghana (UPNMG) in the Upper West Region has assured its members and new entrants of fighting for their interests and welfare.

The objective of the Union is to improve the economic growth and social status of nurses and midwives in the county, through the mobilisation and judicious use of their resources.

The Upper West Regional Secretary of UPNMG, Mr. Abubakari Iddrisu Bajo, said the UPNMG had come to provide the needed support for nurses and midwives, and that one doesn’t have to wait for his or her retirement benefit to build a house or start an investment.

Regional Executives with Members and New entrants

He made this known last Thursday, when the UPNMG executives took a tour to some of the districts in the regional offices which included Sissala East, Daffiama Bussia Issa (DBI) and Wa East to familiarise themselves with the members and create awareness of the Union and campaign for new membership.

The executives that were part of the tour were Mr. Kenneth Naaeder, Regional First Vice President, Mr. Iddrisu Abubakar Bajo, Regional Secretary, Mrs. Babadaaratenge Mary, Regional Finance Officer, Mr. Awinnid Daniel, Deputy Regional Secretary, Mr. Edgar Dapillaah, Wa Municipal Secretary, and Mr. Wisdom Dery, Wa Municipal President.

According to him, the UPNMG was there to empower the nurses and midwives with knowledge and the requisite resources to help them improve their lives.

He indicated that the Union also had its legal representation and its members hadn’t been left out when it came to representation at the law courts, and that the legal team had already represented some members on their issues and would continue to do so.

The Regional Secretary of UPNMG said the Union had some policy initiatives which members could access like the Housing Scheme, UPNMG Mart, Loan Scheme and UPNMG Insurance Scheme.

He further explained that the UPNMG Mart Shceme is a Scheme that is launched for the union members to purchase items such as Mattresses, Television sets, Washing machine, Mobile phones, Air conditioners, Ovens, Burners, and that coming years motorbike and other bigger items would be added and irrespective of your location once you contact the MART officer you get served.


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