‘We sometimes are not on talking terms while performing on stage’ –Keche on 15-yr musical journey

One of the most dedicated music groups of our time, Keche, has explained the motive behind their longevity in the music scene.

The hip-life duo formed in 2004 consisting of Joshua Kojo Ampah and Andrew Kofi Cudjoe rose to fame with their debut album Pressure. The group has remained resolute for 15 years.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on The Chat on Channel One TV, Keche revealed that the key factor that has contributed to their longevity as a group is their mutual understanding and respect for each other.

“I say this thing all the time… It’s understanding and respect for the company – for the brand Keche…I mean two people Since we are from different backgrounds and with different ideologies, there will be a misunderstanding…

“We are in Africa and have heard of Psquare who are even twins – from the same womb but had issues and have broken up…So you should know that it is 180 per cent that it is possible for us to also have misunderstandings.” The leader of the group keche Andrew said.

Andrew explained extensively, “There are times that we are on stage performing but we are not on talking terms …But we have to pretend all is well just to save the image of the brand and make our money”.

Without mincing words, the other member of the group Joshua also attributed part of their success to the media.

He stressed that although they may not always agree, their mutual understanding and respect have enabled them to thrive for more than a decade in the music industry.

Keche is currently out with a single dubbed ‘My Father’. The song, featuring ‘Aseda’ hitmaker King Paluta, is making waves on streaming platforms and the airwaves.

Credit: citinewsroom.com


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