We need a united front to break the 8-Ntim

Former National First Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP),  Stephen Ayesu Ntim has pledged to ensure that the party goes to the 2024 general elections with a united front for victory when he’s elected as the National Chairman.

According to the experienced politician, the NPP is poised to break the eight-year party rule by a political party in Ghana, but that would be extremely difficult to achieve with a disunited party.

“We need to break the 8 but without unity it will be difficult to achieve that. I see 2024 elections as critical and the nature of that election is such that all hands must be on deck and my duty will be to ensure that all teething issues are settled amicably from the polling station to the national before we enter the 2024 campaign season.”

Mr Ntim added: “I have sacrificed, suffered and toiled for the unique opportunity to serve the party as the National Chairman and will sacrifice everything to ensure we break the 8.”

The former Board Chairman of the Lands Commission said this while interacting with the media at the Ashanti Regional Delegates Conference in Kumasi. Mr. Ntim who’s not new to the NPP Chairmanship race is widely known for his ability to galvanize the grassroots towards achieving the vision of the party and to stamp the NPP’s dominance in Ghana’s political space.

His achievements and accomplishments cannot be underrated.In Mr Ntim’s view; he has built himself in terms of institutional knowledge and experience to help the party break the dreaded eight years.

Many patriots across the country believe it is Steven Ntim’s time to lead the party as he has enough wealth of experience and expertise in leading the NPP to victory.


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