W/N Minister showcases massive infrastructural development

Mr Richard EbbahJoojo Obeng, the Western North Regional Minister has released a documentary, detailing projects in the areas of education, health and roads among others,which the Akufo-Addo government has executed in his region.

“Development has been top of my agenda as a Regional Minister and since his Excellency the President gave me the mandate to be the Regional Minister,it has been my focus. Though we have a lot more to achieve in terms of development, the region has seen transformation in the areas of education, health, security and roads,” the Minister told the journalists.
According to him, one of the major achievements is the ongoing construction of a military barracks at Punokrom and the construction of a regional police command, together with accommodation for personnel.

These facilities, he said, would serve as a crucial component of security infrastructure in the region, aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of both residents and security personnel operating in the area.
According to the Minister, the creation of the region, separate from the Western Region, has led to an improvement in the road network within the area.
“Particularly, we have constructed the Enchi-Didieso road and reconnected communities that were previously isolated. This has not only improved transportation but has also stimulated economic activities driving growth and development. Since the creation of the new region, we have witnessed the construction of 441.795 KM of roads,” he said.
In the healthcare sector, Mr. Obeng mentioned significant investments made in improving access and quality.
“The Western North was really lacking in terms of health infrastructure. As we speak now, the region can boast of a functional emergency and accident centre, oxygen Manifold System at Enchi Hospital, Medical Theatre, Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit, Dialysis Treatment Center and the distribution of 37 Motorbikes to health personnel. Beyond this, we are working to construct a regional hospital at SefwiWiaso,” he indicated.
In the area of education, the Minister said his ‘one student one desk’ initiative has improved on the quality of education outcomes in the region.
“When I took over this region, I discovered that the lack of desks in schools in the Western North region was hindering the achievement of quality education outcomes. The desk deficit was above 70,000 and so I mobilised local support to embark on the ‘One student One desk’ program, which led to the reduction of the deficit to 16,000.

“So far, the records show that attendance has increased, and so has the academic performance. Very soon, government will set up one of the STEM Universities in this region,” he added.
Mr. Obeng, described as a visionary leader by H.E Nana Addo during a recent tour of the region, expressed his commitment to the region’s development.

Reflecting on the region’s journey since its creation in 2018, he stated, “the region, prior to its creation in 2018, was deprived of developments and I am happy that people from this part of Ghana are gradually seeing developments as envisioned by the President.”
Other infrastructure he mentioned include the ongoing construction of astroturf football pitch for Sefwi Wiawso, Dadieso and Bia.

The ongoing Plantain Sucker multiplication programme that has created jobs for more than 1,000 youth in the region,is also another initiative worthy of mention.


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