Volta NPP Chair yells at NDC: Stop Your Tribal Bigotry In V/R

The Volta Regional Secretariat of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has warned the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to stop championing tribal agenda in the region, as election 2024 approaches because the people are now awake and will no more be hoodwinked, as it used to be in the past.

According to them, the era NDC depended on propaganda to mobilise votes in the Volta Region was over and that the people are now looking at a political party that will bring them development.

Addressing a news conference at Ho recently, the Regional Chairman of the party, Mr Makafui Kofi Woanya, alleged that an NDC executive came to the region recently to make an unsubstantiated claim that Volta Region was the birth place of the NDC, a claim he knew to be false.

Mr Woanya regretted that NDC as a political is still relying on tribal sentiments and dangerous politics to win election, saying modern politics had moved away from appealing to the people, based on tribalism and emotions. He asked the NDC to prepare for the 2024 elections in the region, insisting that they are going to campaign on issues and not tribalism.

Mr Woanya further told the journalists that despite always using tribal sentiments in the region, NDC as party does not see Volta Region as its stronghold and this is manifested in the election of the national executives, where it is only this year that Fifi Kwetey has been elected the General Secretary.

According to him, it even took a demonstration by Mr Fifi Kwetey’s Ketu South constituents and chiefs to force the hand of former President John Dramani Mahama to appoint the former as the Minister for Food Agriculture.

This happened because all the strategic leadership positions had been coveted by others, including presidential and vice presidential slots.

The Volta NPP chair regretted that despite this obvious rejection of party stalwarts coming from the region from becoming either party executives or ministers of state, these same people are going round preaching tribalism against their opponents – NPP.

He noted that the elderly in the Volta region might have been caught up in some baseless and unavoidable tribal sentiments fuelled by propaganda in the past, but the youth today are wide awake and very discerning because they could differentiate between black and white.

The NPP Regional Chairman reminded the NDC that politics was about development and improvement in the lives of the people and that politics was not a religion where a person was expected to be rewarded only in heaven.


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