US vows to move ‘Heaven and Earth’ to help Ukraine against Russia

The United States has pledged to move “Heaven and Earth” to help Ukraine win its battle against Russia’s unprovoked invasion, as allies from 40 nations met at a US base in Germany to bolster Kyiv’s defence against Moscow.

The meeting called by the US at its Ramstein airbase in southwestern Germany aims “to help Ukraine win the fight against Russia’s unjust invasion and to build up Ukraine’s defences for tomorrow’s challenges”, said defence secretary Lloyd Austin as he opened the talks.

“As we see this morning, nations from around the world stand united in our resolve to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s imperial aggression. Ukraine clearly believes that it can win and so does everyone here,” he added.

The US is already the biggest supplier of international military aid to Ukraine and Austin said Washington is “going to keep moving Heaven and Earth so that we can meet” Kyiv’s needs.

Austin had held a press conference on Monday at a Polish warehouse stacked high with tonnes of humanitarian and military aid ready to be packed onto trucks bound for Ukraine.



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