US condemns Iran for ‘reckless’ missile strikes on Iraq

The US has condemned Iran over ballistic missile attacks near Iraq’s northern city of Irbil, calling them “a reckless and imprecise set of strikes”.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said they struck what they claimed were Israeli “spy headquarters” in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region.

Four people were killed and six wounded in Monday’s attack, according to the Kurdistan Region Security Council.

Iraq denounced the attacks, calling them a violation of its sovereignty.

Israel’s government has not commented on the Iranian claims.

In a separate development, Kurdistan authorities said on Tuesday morning they had shot down three armed drones flying over Irbil airport, where US and international forces are stationed, Reuters reported. Authorities did not provide information on damage or casualties.

The Iranian strikes come amid rising tensions in the region since the war between Israel the Iran-backed Palestinian group Hamas broke out in the Gaza Strip on 7 October.

The conflict has increasingly started to spill over to involve militias allied to Iran operating in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.



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