‘TVET is our solution to unemployment’

The New Juaben North Constituency Youth Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Samuel Osei Sarkodie, has called on Ghanaians, particularly students in the country, to wholeheartedly embrace Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

According to the Youth Organiser, affectionately known in the political community as SOS, entrepreneurship in any society was a sign of progress, hence, the need to prioritise TVET in Ghana. He was of the conviction that TVET is the only solution to the overwhelming unemployment and balance of trade deficit issues in the country.

He made the call at the Koforidua Technical School yesterday, where he delivered a paper on the topic “Radiating the Impact of TVET to the Next Generation”. Mr. Sarkodie continued that entrepreneurship had an impact on society, as well as cultural and the economic progress of our society.

The Youth Organiser charged the students to use the knowledge and skills acquired through TVET into setting up businesses in order to help in the growth and development of the nation. He advised TVET students to always look out for a problem in society and think about how they could use their technical and vocational skills to help solve it.

“In groups you can think about what you can come up with that will be appreciated and accepted by the society as an easy way of doing something,” he said.

He urged them to voluntarily embark on internships at places related to their fields of studies and interests, as it would help them know more about what they were doing and try to start something on their own, or with friends, as they furthered their education.

“Don’t let the success of your business or innovation discourage you from climbing the academic ladder,” he said.

According to him, the nation needed professional technical men and women to help with industrialisation, “and TVET students were our best bet for it, hence, you are not at the wrong place, be proud of where you are currently, because you are the hope and glory of this country.”

“Again, the country needs technical and vocational entrepreneurs who will set up businesses in the country and employ people, and the technical and vocational training you will get here will make you do so for us. As TVET professionals, rely on prominent personalities in the society and address them as your patrons and seek funding from them.

“In my capacity as the Constituency Youth Organiser, I will help link individuals and groups who are TVET professionals, especially from this school, to people who can finance and do business with them, so that they can harness the potential in them. Students from this school, who need professional knowledge on how to manage their funds and businesses, can see me for free consultation and guidance. This is part of my contributions to lift TVET high in this country,” he pledged the students.

TVET is a form of education and training, which provides knowledge and skills in occupations in various sectors of the economy and social life. This is seen as the prevailing aspect of education across the globe and many countries are embracing it.

The government introduced TVET so that people can be well equipped with practical skills to set up their own business, which will bring solutions to our societal problems and make work easier. This program will equip students to meet the international standards for employment.

The primary purpose is to equip people with the Technical and Professional skills needed for socioeconomic and industrial development of the country. TVET is also aimed at training people for self-employment so that the overwhelming unemployment rate will be reduced.

To train people to be able to produce most of the items we import so that our balance of trade deficit could be improved which will help strengthen the local currency, cedi.


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